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Providing a child with the necessary school uniform will change their life forever.

Some students walk over an hour to school, at just four years old and many families cannot afford the nominal school registration fee.   This is an area that you can feel so good about supporting.

A school uniform means a child can go to school, avoid drugs, and marry later, without having to sell themselves or get hired as a domestic.

Harvest for the Poor provides uniforms to  elementary school children in small, rural communities. We will update you once we receive pictures of the uniform distribution. We are so thrilled to empower children as they enter a new school. Then we can begin to help to these young children learn their basic reading, writing and math skills!

  • More than half of Haiti’s residents make less than US $1 a day and cannot support their family
  • 300,000 children to have to work as unpaid servants
  • Close to 5,000 schools were affected by the January 2010 earthquake which caused the whole education system to shut down while theMinistry of Education itself collapsed.  Today, more than half remain out of school, and children in camps face continuing challenges to accessing education
  • Over half of Haiti’s population is school age
  • One third of girls over age six never go to school
  • 50% enrollment rate for primary school
  • Approximately 30% will not reach third grade
  • Approximately 60% will not reach sixth grade
  • 98% of Haitians don’t graduate from high school
  • 20% of eligible-age children enroll in secondary school


Students in fresh uniforms in Haiti


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